Discharge Student Loan Debt—-Stop Garnishment of Wages



Discharge Student Loan Debt—-Stop Garnishment of Wages

If you attended a trade/ technical school or “For Profit” school and have outstanding Federal student loan debt, SLG may be able to help assist you in discharging those debts and stopping the garnishment of your wages.

SLG has been battling “For Profit” schools for many years. SLG was involved in the Government action that shut down Marinello School of Beauty.

Many of these Trade or “For Profit” schools entice students to enroll with false promises of job placement, graduation rates, high employment rates and good paying jobs after graduation. These schools utilize the Federal Student Loan System and assist the students in taking out student loans to pay for these school programs.

If you enrolled in such a school and your school has now been shut down by the Government, closed, or you believe you were misled into enrolling through false promises, you may be entitled to debt relief of your student loans.

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