Business and Real Estate Law Links

InterNet Backruptcy Library
Small Business Administration
The American Stock Exchange
Finance and Commerce Information Services
Safe Internet Banking
Homefair: Moving resources
Mortgage Market Information Services, Inc.
Securities and Exchange Commission
Chief Financial Officers Council
Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board

California Government Links

State of California
California Legislative Counsel
California State Assembly
California State Senate
California Department of Real Estate

Environmental Law Links

Environmental News Network
South Coast Air Quality Management District
Fish and Wildlife Service
The California State Water Resources Contol Board
EPA’s Indoor Air Quality
California Air Resources Board
EPA Environmental Indicators Report
Department of Toxic Substances Control 
California Integrated Waste Management Board
Endangered Species
California Department of Water Resources
NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center
California Environmental Resources Evaluation System

General Law Related Links

American Media Lawyer
American Bar Association
Copyright Clearance Center Online
National Association of State Information Resource Executives
The Outsourcing Institute
GPO Access on the Web
Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center
State and Local Government on the Net
Violence Against Women Office

Labor and Employment Law Related Links

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Department of Labor