Claims Your Insurance Company Must Pay in San Bernadino



Claims Your Insurance Company Must Pay in San Bernadino

Have you been arguing with your California insurance company about a claim brought against you, but to no effect?  Should your insurance provider be paying out more than they are offering? If yes, there is good news: California law is on your side. A San Bernadino, California insurance company must act in good faith when dealing with you, one of its customers.  Good faith is the honest attempt to work with you without trying to defraud you. An experienced insurance bad faith lawyer in San Bernadino discuss what constitutes good faith and bad faith behavior with you in more detail.

Recently, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that an insurer’s duty of good faith and fair dealing, which is implied in every insurance contract in California, may be violated by your insurance provider’s unreasonable refusal to try to settle with you after evidence reasonably shows that your liability will be in excess of the policy limits constitutes bad faith and is against the law. For a break down of how this affects yours legal rights, contact a life insurance lawyer in San Bernadino today.

Essentially, if you are a San Bernadino resident fighting with your insurance company over a house fire or accident, car accident or other accident where you were at fault. In San Bernadino, a skilled insurance lawyer can deal with your insurance company on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your life while we help you obtain the financial policy you deserve.  An insurance company in California is not allowed to act unreasonably and / or place its own interests ahead of its insured, which is you. You have certain legal rights and the insurance companies must not act in bad faith if they want to avoid a lawsuit.

To talk to an experienced bad faith insurance lawyer in San Bernadino about your specific case, reach out to the Skapik Law Group today.


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