Criminal Records as a Reason to Discriminate



Criminal Records as a Reason to Discriminate

Many hard-working San Bernadino residents have been arrested and/or convicted of crimes at one point in their lives. Maybe they were young and reckless, or they were arrested for a crime they did not commit. Perhaps the arrest was a wake up call for them to change their lives. No matter the reason for the arrest and/or conviction, it is unfair if these transgressions are held against them for the rest of their lives, especially during the job search. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,your CA employer cannot use your criminal record as part of a reason to discriminate against you.

These days, finding reliable, steady job is hard enough. Facing unlawful behavior such as discrimination makes it even more difficult for many San Bernadino employees. Discrimination in the workplace can come in the form of firing you, not promoting you, or not hiring you for an unlawful reason, which might be your criminal history. If you believe your San Bernadino employer has discriminated against you because of your criminal record, contact an experienced San Bernadino employment discrimination lawyer today.

Under California law, your employer is allowed to run a background check on you either before hiring you or during the time you work at the company. However, an arrest or conviction on your record is not necessarily a lawful reason to fire you, demote you, not promote you or otherwise discriminate against you. In California, being arrested for a crime is only relevant to your ability to perform your job if the arrest potentially makes you unfit for the role.  An example of this might be an arrest for petty theft when applying for a job that involves handling cash. A San Bernadino employment lawyer can go over this with you in more detail.

Questions about your specific case? Talk to a skilled San Bernadino discrimination lawyer to learn more about your rights as an employee and to see if you have been discriminated against because you were arrested for or convicted of a crime.

The experienced attorneys at the Skapik Law Group, located conveniently in Chino Hills have handled many employment discrimination cases for clients. We know the law and our lawyers are dedicated to providing each client — you — with viable options at all phases of the legal process. Call us at 909-398-4404 or visit us online at for more information about how we might be able to assist you.






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