Product Liability

Product Liability

The Skapik Law Group not only has extensive experience in products liability litigation, but extensive knowledge as to how various products are designed, manufactured, and distributed to the consumer.  This insight allows us to quickly understand the facts of your products liability case.  Whether your case involves thread separation on one of your car’s tires, a prescription drug that brought you harm, tainted food that sent you to the hospital, or injury from a defective machine or medical device, chances are that the Skapik Law Group has already handled such a products liability case.  This experience allows us to realize the true value of your products liability case and handle it with authority.

The great thing about California products liability law is that it places strict liability upon the manufacturer, the supplier, and the retailer – everyone involved in the manufacture and distribution of the product.  This means that in order to recover, the injured party only needs to prove that the defective or dangerous product was the cause of their harm.  If this is proven, recovery on a products liability claim can often include loss of income, payment of doctor bills and hospital bills, other related out-of-pocket expenses, pain and suffering, including, in some instances, even punitive damages.

The Skapik Law Group is currently considering the following products liability cases:

Defective Auto Parts/Crashworthiness

Defective Medical Devices

Defective Drugs

  • Anti-depressants
  • Acne medication
  • Birth control pills

Defective Machinery

  • Defective construction equipment/machinery and power tools
  • Dangerous or defective toys
  • Defective kitchen, bathroom, and other household appliances

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