Employment Law

Employment Law

There are a lot of ways employers in California can violate labor laws, and it is best to consult with a lawyer to have a full understanding of your legal rights.

For years, the Skapik Law Group has been litigating employment law cases and we have represented both employers and employees in a variety of employment law matters, including:

  • Employees rightfully seeking wage / hour / overtime violations
  • Employees challenging non-compete agreements in employment contracts
  • Employees keeping stock value assurance plans and other valuable benefit plans
  • Employers rightfully seeking to keep former employees from stealing clients and trade secrets
  • Employers threatened with injunctions because of various restrictive covenants in a new employee’s prior employment agreement
  • Employers wrongfully discriminating against its employees based on race, religion or sexual preference

In employment matters, the stakes are often significant for each party involved, and time is usually of the essence. For example, when a valuable employee leaves your employment and is in a position to divulge your confidential business information, most of the damage can be done in the first few days. Or, if an employee is being discriminated against by their employer, such discrimination should be stopped immediately.

The Skapik Law Group has the capacity to handle a variety of employment law matters. You should not have to worry about fighting for something the law says you are legally entitled to!

The time to act is now.  Your legal rights could be adversely affected if you wait. Call the Skapik Law Group today.